Floors Maintenance

Of course you want to keep your granite floors nice and glossy. Just as with other areas made from marble and granite, you must only use products that are recommended for natural stone. 

Prior to the first mopping, on a newly installed stone floor, we highly recommend that you hire a professional to deep-clean the floor to remove all possible grout, adhesive, and film after the installation. If you decide not to have this detailing done, do not mop until all the dusty powder from the installation is gone.


  • Use a cotton loop mop and at least a four gallon bucket. Using the proper buckets and mops is crucial to the successful cleaning of natural stone floors.
  • Have your floor professionally deep-cleaned or apply the finger test to determine if it is safe to mop. Rub your finger on the floor. If your finger remains clean, it is safe to mop.
  • Use a polish preserver recommended for marble or granite to maintain the “new look” of your floor.
  • If your floor is in a high traffic area, you may consider using a high-quality floor mat to help protect the gloss of your new stone floor.
  • Properly maintaining and using only products made specifically for natural stone, will ensure that your finish remains glossy and beautiful for years to come.


  • Use a small bucket and sponge mop to clean your natural stone. This will only spread dirty water over the floor instead of cleaning it.
  • Mop directly after installation. The dust and other fine residual materials will act as abrasives and can damage your floors.