Kitchen Maintenance

Here at Custom Granite Design we highly recommend all true granites and other “granites” (stones that are traded as granites, but are not true granites), need to be sealed with a good-quality penetrating (impregnator type) sealer to maintain the glossy finish and smooth surface. These sealers though invisible, must be taken into consideration when caring for your natural stone. 


  • Clean your countertops regularly with an approved marble and granite cleaner.  More frequent cleaning is advised especially around high use areas.
  • Clean up all spills on natural stone as soon as possible by blotting.  


Use any unapproved cleaners on your natural stone. 
While most spray cleaners will not damage your natural stone, they may wreck havoc on your sealer and can cause ugly staining, loss of polish, and dull areas. If the cleaner does not say it is safe for granite or marble don’t use it.