Vanity Tops Maintenance

Vanity tops are in constant use. To keep your vanity tops in pristine condition, protective care must be taken to ensure that you can enjoy your natural stone for years to come.

Use precaution when cleaning the mirror or other surfaces near your vanity tops. If left unprotected, over-spray or spills onto your natural stone may occur. We recommend covering up your stone while cleaning surfaces near your vanity tops, or only use an all purpose cleaner that is safe for granite or marble.


Use cleaners that are safe for granite or marble. If the label doesn’t say it is recommended for granite or marble, don’t use it. 


  • Use any cream or powder cleanser on or near your natural stone.
  • Store perfume, aftershave, or toothpaste on the surface of your vanity. Instead, keep frequently used items in a tray or other container to prevent spills on your vanity tops.
  • Paint your nails or use adhesives near or on your vanity tops.
  • Perm or color your hair around your vanity tops.